Take a walk through
the history of Opatija

Walks through the history of Opatija in the company of interesting figures from the town's past.


Opatija Time Travel

Walks through the history of Opatija in the company of interesting figures from the town's past, performances by klapa vocal groups and the Zora folklore ensemble, classic car rides – these are all part of a new free programme entitled Opatija Time Travel. How did the famous dancer Isadora Duncan experience Opatija? How did the director of the Southern Railway Company and initiator of Opatija's tourism Friedrich Julius Schüler implement his vision of a royal seaside resort? How did world-famous celebrities enjoy rides in luxury cars half a century ago? Opatija Time Travel will provide the answers to these questions for visitors to the town by putting them at the centre of events and giving them the opportunity to experience the town's history 'live' as its main characters.

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Isadora Duncan

The 'mother of modern dance', a woman who liberated this form of artistic expression from the tight grip of classical ballet and gave it a more flowing and freer structure.

An Ordinary Woman

The gentlemen and especially the ladies who started to arrive in Opatija in the second half of the 19th century were shocked by the habits of the local people.

A Benedictine Monk

At the beginning of the 15th century, long before the town was discovered by wealthy merchants from Rijeka and the Viennese nobility, and before it acquired its present name, Opatija was home to a Benedictine monastery.

A Barkajol Boatman

Bitteschön, barke fahren, or "would you like to take a boat ride?" was an enquiry that could often be heard in Opatija's small harbour.

Stephanie Glax

A famous artist and illustrator, the daughter of Julius Glax, the person most responsible for Opatija being proclaimed a climatic health resort

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